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Online Health Coaching Program is designed to help you find relief using holistic solutions to find your unique headache cause and triggers. How to avoid or overcome your triggers, and better yet how to increase your resilience for better health! 

Don't get migraines?

 Health Coaching is available for anyone who wants to improve their health or wants specific support for their unique health challenges. 

Who am I?

Carissa Joy

After struggling with my own health challenges, including migraines, depression, autoimmune, TMJ, and other women's health challenges,  I sought to learn everything I could about holistic healing. As a migraine and headache sufferer myself I have extensive knowledge and first had experience with migraines. My own success with treating migraines and other health challenges  through lifestyle changes and other holistic practices inspired me to want to empower people to do the same in their own lives. 

I have diverse experience in the world of health and currently work as a Health Coach and Craniosacral Therapist. I am also well studied and practiced in nutrition, fitness, lifestyle medicine, biohacking, ancestral health, holistic health and natural medicine, the art and science of coaching, mindfulness, behavior change, meditation, breath work, pain science and herbalism. 


Holistic Healing starts with understanding


  • Health Coaching starts with helping to educate you on understanding your unique health picture


  • Tracking helps us to make sure we see the whole picture and are able to figure out your key triggers and supportive practices.


  • Starting specific lifestyle changes and holistic health practices to increase your resilience and baseline health. Learn your triggers and how to avoid or overcome them. 


  • Its a process that will take on going refinement and adjustment to continuously improve your health and help you find you better relief.


  • You need someone in your court who can cheer you on when things get hard. Who can listen when you're struggling and who can even give you some tough love when you need it. I am here to support you. 


What my clients are saying

Did you know that migraine medications can cause you to have more migraines?

Health coaching specifically made for migraineurs


Migraine Solutions Online Program

16 weeks of one on one migraine specific health coaching to help you find solutions to your pain. 

Includes one on one coaching, messaging support, online videos, hand outs and guides

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