Sage Migraine Solutions

Why Sage Holistic Health?

I created Sage Holistic health because I am passionate about helping people heal holistically. As a health coach I draw on various tools and modalities to help you heal from lifestyle medicine and natural medicine.

Many chronic conditions today are a result of lifestyle and environmental factors. Our society just isn't built in a way that currently makes it easy to thrive. 

Now more than ever people are dealing with chronic pain, autoimmune conditions, mental health challenges and so much more. 

My approach involves a combination of education, guidance and support. I help you understand how lifestyle factors may be influencing your health challenges. Educate you about your unique health picture.  And then give you a combination of guidance via lifestyle medicine and natural medicine or manual therapy as well as support so that you have someone in your corner!

Sage Holistic Health Coaching is helpful for: 

Migraines, Chronic Pain, Autoimmune conditions, Stress and Burnout, Fatigue, Women's health issues, Digestive Concerns, Headaches, Acne and more. 

Health Coaching with Carissa Joy

Why Sage Migraine Solutions?

I created Sage Migraine Solutions because I saw a huge lack of good solutions for migraine sufferers. Migraines are a largely misunderstood condition. The exact causes aren’t totally clear and the ways of treating them come with plenty of side effects that don’t always offer much relief. 

Sage Migraine Solutions provides migraine sufferers solutions through my Migraine Solutions Online Program and Migraine Health Coaching to empower, teach and support you to heal your migraines through lifestyle medicine and holistic and alternative health practices. 

The goal with my work is to give you the skills, knowledge and tools you need so that you can understand what causes your pain, how to avoid your unique triggers and to increase your resistance to migraines. 

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Carissa Joy

Who am I ?

After struggling with my own health challenges, including migraines, depression, autoimmune, TMJ, and other women's health challenges,  I sought to learn everything I could about holistic healing. As a migraine and headache sufferer myself I have extensive knowledge and first had experience with migraines. My own success with treating migraines and other health challenges  through lifestyle changes and other holistic practices inspired me to want to empower people to do the same in their own lives. 

I have diverse experience in the world of health and currently work as a Health Coach and Craniosacral Therapist. I am also well studied and practiced in nutrition, fitness, lifestyle medicine, biohacking, ancestral health, holistic health and natural medicine, the art and science of coaching, mindfulness, behaviour change, meditation, breath work, pain science and herbalism. 

I've trained and worked as:

Certified Health Coach

Craniosacral Therapist

BA in Psychology

Certified yoga teacher

Functional range conditioning practitioner

Corrective movement specialist

Behaviour change specialist 

Fitness instructor

Reiki level 3 / Master Reiki Practitioner

Certified Restore Human Coach

Trained in Compassionate Inquiry 

Certified Level 1 Gymnastics

This diverse array of health and wellness experience and education gives me a big picture holistic look at my clients lives so that I can help them find solutions that work for them that are individualized to their unique needs. 

Work goal is sharing my online program and working with coaching clients is to empower you with the knowledge and skills they need to manage their health on their own in the future.

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Health Coach Migraine Support