Migraine Solutions Online Health Coaching Program

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Want to greatly reduce or even eliminate your migraines

You'll learn:

Why your migraines are happening

When you can expect them

How to avoid triggers

How to improve your resilience to those triggers and improve your baseline health

How to treat a migraine naturally

So that you can live with less pain, and more joy!

What's included?

  1. 1
    16 weeks of one-on-one virtual migraine health coaching sessions
    One on one time with me, your migraine health coach, to support and guide you through your own unique healing journey.
  2. 2
    WhatsApp messaging 
    Stay supported even in-between sessions with WhatsApp messaging support. Ask questions, get clarification,  accountability and feel supported throughout the process.
  3. 3
    Guides & Handouts
    Guides are there to help you apply to knowledge you've learned to your own unique life. Handouts will help you to keep the facts straight, how do I know if something has MSG and tips for eating out. 
  4. 4
    Weekly Videos to support our weekly health coaching sessions give you the fundamental education you need to make the most of each session. 
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Learn everything you need to know to heal migraines

Week 1: Migraine Threshold + What is a migraine

Week 2: Tracking

Week 3: Supplements

Week 4:Food Fundamentals Part 1

Week 5: Food Fundamentals Part 2

Week 6: Fighting a migraine without medication

Week 7: Getting out of rebound & medication overuse headache

Week 8: Understanding the mind & body: How feelings, thoughts and emotions influence pain

Week 9: How to make these new habits stick: Habits & behaviour change

Week 10: Increasing baseline health: Improve your migraine threshold part 1

Week 11: Increasing baseline health: Improve your migraine threshold part 2

Week 12-16: Understanding your unique migraine:         menstrual migraine, genetic testing and analysis, nutrient deficiencies, diet, post concussion syndrome, body mechanics, the nervous system, stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, sleep hygiene, and more.

What we cover

Diet & Nutrition



Fitness & the physical body

Alternative Treatments & Therapies

Pain Science 

Stress & the nervous system

Breath-work & Meditation

menstrual migraine


Social Support

and much more!

 Online Videos

Delivered through easy to follow digestible videos that give you the foundational information you need to know on your migraine health journey.

You will receive  online access to the migraine foundations videos. Watch 1-2 videos short videos  before each of our coaching sessions for the first 10 weeks.  


All Migraine Health Coaching sessions are delivered virtually in the comfort of your own home or from my office in Vancouver BC

I am Carissa Joy,

your coach

As a migraine and headache sufferer myself I have extensive knowledge and first had experience with migraines. My own success with treating migraines through lifestyle changes and other holistic practices inspired me to want to empower people to do the same in their own lives. 

I have diverse experience in the world of health and have worked as a health coach, yoga teacher, functional range conditioning practitioner and fitness instructor,  ran a herbal medicine company and worked in marketing for various Health Companies. 

Beyond that I am also a complete health nerd; well studied and practiced in nutrition, fitness, lifestyle Medicine, biohacking, ancestral health, flow States, holistic health and natural medicine, the art and science of coaching, mindfulness, meditation, breathwork and herbalism. 

What is Migraine Health Coaching?

  1. 1
    Support: Support is one of the biggest factors in health outcomes. I am here as your coach to support you through your healing journey.  Coaching is about building a trusting relationship between coach and coachee where there is trust, support, safety and encouragement to help keep you motivated, inspired and supported. 
  2. 2
    Strategy: Through a combination of tracking, goal setting, and strategy I work with you to create and implement a personalized Migraine Program for you. 
  3. 3
    Expertise: I bring my expertise in health & wellness, migraines, herbalism, fitness, natural medicine, breathwork, lifestyle, sleep, stress and more to every session. Ask questions you may have, get clarity and gain a deeper understanding of your migraines.
  4. 4
    Education: As a coach I am here to help educate you on migraine health. I've also created the Migraine Solutions Foundations Videos to accompany our coaching sessions and give you tones of useful information. 

Receive free tools and resources you use can use to improve your migraines straight to your inbox.

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