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In this free consultation you'll learn:

  • Understand what’s it's going to take from you to overcome migraine
  • 3 free action item you can use right away to find relief
  • Learn what important tools are missing from your migraine toolbox
  • Learn how I, as your holistic practitioner support you on your healing journey
  • Find out how holistic practices can overcome migraine
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Migraine Solutions

Migraine Solutions is an online program coaching program designed specifically for migraineurs like you who are ready to take the next step in overcoming migraine. All solutions are holistic and incorporate lifestyle practices and remedies that are vetted, well researched and proven to support and help with migraine. I support you with weekly videos, guides, worksheets and coaching. If you’re ready to make lifestyle changes in your life I guarantee you will see significant improvement in your migraine!

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Migraine Solutions might be right for you if you:

  • Feel like you ‘tried everything’ and nothing seemed to work
  • Tried countless medications only to be disappointed with their effectiveness and their side effects OR feel they were inaccessible due to the on-going high price
  • Question whether medications might actually be contributing to your increasingly frequent migraines
  • Want healthier, more holistic options to manage your migraines
  • Feel like certain lifestyle choices like diet and stress might be contributing to your migraines but aren’t sure where to start!
  • Gotten some relief from holistic practices but it's just not enough
  • Know you should eat differently or change your lifestyle but struggle with staying consistency 
  • Are starting to feel hopeless that you might have to live with migraine forever
  • Are starting to get more frequent or more intense migraines 
  • Feel frustrated that no one seems to understand your pain and lack support
  • Are at your wits end that even doctors and specialists can’t seem to provide you with solutions to your migraines 
  • Are ready to make serious changes in your life to overcome migraines

Topics we cover

Migraine Threshold | The Phases of Migraine | Supplements | Tracking | Food & Nutrition | Medication Use | Natural Remedies | Rebound Migraines | How thoughts feelings and emotions influence pain | The mind and stress | Increasing Baseline Health | Light Therapy | Support | Diving into your unique migraine | Genetics | Exercise | Detox | Supportive Therapies & Practices | And more! 

Within Migraine Solutions you can expect: 

  • To feel supported by something who fully understands and recognizes your pain!
  • Health guidance that will finally give you the relief you’ve been needing
  • Accountability and encouragement as you make important lifestyle changes and incorporate new holistic practices into your life
  • To make powerful lifestyle changes that improve your migraines and quality of life
  • Finally have hope that you can live a normal life, without migraine forcing you to take a back seat
  • Gain a better understanding of how migraines work and better understand your unique migraine
  • Learn lifestyle practices that help you get fewer, less intense, shorter migraines - maybe even migraine free!
  • Learn holistic remedies to treat migraines when they come before they get bad! 

I am Carissa Joy

Holistic Practitioner, Health Coach and Craniosacral Therapist

As a migraine and headache sufferer myself I have extensive knowledge and first had experience with migraines. My own success with treating migraines through lifestyle changes inspired me to want to empower people to do the same in their own lives.

I have diverse experience in the world of health and consider myself a complete health nerd! I've worn many different hats in the health and wellness world; working as a holistic practitioner and fitness instructor, I also ran a herbal medicine company and before that was worked for a marketing agency that specialized in health and wellness clients where my focus was on creating content and educational material. 

Trainings and certifications include: Certified Health Coach, Certified Behaviour Change Specialist, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Psychology, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Functional Range Conditioning Practitioner, Restore Human Coach, Certified Reiki Level 3, Trained in Compassionate Inquiry.

I've also spent countless hours in self study and always perusing additional training in nutrition, fitness, lifestyle medicine, the nervous system and trauma, somatic practices,  biohacking, ancestral health, flow States, holistic health and natural medicine, the art and science of coaching, mindfulness, meditation, breath work and herbalism. And most importantly migraines! 

Playfulness and positivity are two qualities that I consider an important part of my approach to my work and life. 

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